Simplified Medical Integration

Thinking about Medically Integrating your office?

DON'T.......just yet

There is a simpler way to do it.



Discover a smarter way to earn an extra $30-50k per month without the risk, headache, and overhead of conventional medical integration.

Chiropractors are starting to realize that the way most management groups teach integration is a recipe for disaster. Here is the big misconception that the big practice management groups want you to believe...

Once you get your medical staff, you’ll have:

Access to highly lucrative medical reimbursement
Tons of new patients looking for medical services
You’ll be able to start working ON your business and not IN it!
We have a turnkey approach to medical integration
You can easily take your practice to the 7-figure level

The reality is, medically integrated clinics have a seriously high failure rate in the first year alone. How do we know… just like you call us every week for help after having been sold “The Integration Dream!”

But here is the real problem with the way most big consulting groups approach it:

  • High upfront fees just to get started
  • Little to no back end support (after they have your upfront $$$)
  • Assigning “Coaches” who have never run successful practices
  • Out of control overhead
  • ZERO business coaching, unless you join a private “mastermind” group for more money
  • Complicated care plans and administrative “systems”
  • Promising the World and failing to deliver the results
  • Outdated and risky therapies (audit magnets)

…and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many problems associated with conventional integrated clinics.

But, it doesn't have to be so complicated

Did you know there is actually a way to integrate that:

  • Requires ZERO upfront investment
  • Uses your existing clinic to fund your new integrated clinic (no huge loans or upfront capital)
  • Uses the crawl, walk, run approach which is far less risky and easier on your staff (it’s actually the quickest way to succeed)
  • Uses tried-and-true therapies
  • Dramatically reduces overhead so you can PROFIT more for your efforts
  • Allows for one-on-one quality coaching with seasoned doctors

Builds the practice around YOUR vision, not some cookie-cutter approach

The "Anti-gration" Revolution!

Conventional Integration

High Risk
Difficult to manage
High Rate of failure

Simplified Integration

A fraction of the cost
Low Risk
Proven Stability
High rate of success

If you want a more practical approach to Medical Integration and Learn a simplified and proven system to collect an extra $30-$50k per month, click on this case study to learn more.


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